Posted on December 11, 2018


It performs marginally better than the S27AD in these tests as a result but overall the motion blur is at a fairly similar level. A full rotate function is available which is smooth and easy to use. In theory, brightness and contrast are two independent parameters, and good contrast is a requirement regardless of the brightness adjustment. Carrying out the tests in this way does give you a good indication of the screens dynamic contrast ratio in real life situations however. Gamma mode 3 was unfortunately even further out at 2.

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Click for larger versions The tilt adjustment offers a reasonable range as well as shown above. Laptop Panel Parts Database. I would advise some caution about possible backlight irregularity with this model based on user reports and our review, but don’t be put off the screen solely because of it.

Pieces s27a85d0 information started to appear during and in February we heard the news about their planned first monitor to use this technology, the so-called 27″ SA monitor. Modern IPS panels are often criticized for their aggressive Anti-Glare AG coating which can appear quite grainy and even look a bit “dirty” when viewing white backgrounds.

Haben Sie Informationen zu einer Spezifikation, die wir noch nicht kennen? The OSD operational buttons are situated on the front of the screen in the middle of the lower bezel.

A full rotate function is available which is smooth and easy to use. Performance wise the screen could be closely compared with a modern e-IPS panel. The screen offers 3 preset gamma modes via the OSD menu, so we tested the other two as well in case either were more accurate than the default Mode1.

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Once calibrated it performed well however which is pleasing. Privacy Policy and Cookies. Features is an evaluation of the built-in functionality how useful it are, as well as sound quality and ports S27a850x is an evaluation of how good the monitor is for gaming, meaning response time, Hz, input lag, overdrive etc Ergonomics is an evaluation of adjustment options, stability, power consumption, degree of flicker etc.

This Eco motion sensor is the easiest way to conserve energy. However, in this mode it is turned up too high and is poorly controlled. There was a very slight dark and pale halo trail evident in those tests which does not appear to affect the S27AD much. There was a good range of ergonomic adjustments available from the screen although the tilt and pivot adjustments were very stiff to use sadly.

General and Office Applications. This diagram shows that it pretty much completely covers the sRGB reference which matches out accurate calculations based on the panel spec sheet, which reveal a For those wanting a high resolution for CAD, design, photo work etc, this is a really good option.

An NEC branded and customised X-rite i1 Display 2 was used to validate the black depth and contrast ratios due to lower end limitations of the i1 Pro device. The screen was tested at default factory settings using the DVI interface, and analysed using an X-rite i1 Pro Spectrophotometer not to be confused with the new i1 Display Pro colorimeter combined with LaCie’s Blue Eye Pro software suite.

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All in all though the uniformity was pretty good and there was no severe issue.

Test Monitor Samsung S27AD –

This comes packaged separated from the stand but is easily screwed in to place and connected. How your privacy gets cooked by those restaurant waitlist apps. The results are recorded below: The s278a50d half of the screen seemed to be a little darker than the upper half, especially towards the two lower corners.

Rather than fully defined individual buttons, they are like small “teeth” and operate quite nicely. The monitor has very sharp corners while retaining a sleek aesthetic. I first of all reverted to the ‘custom’ s72a850d in the OSD menu which would allow me access to the individual RGB channels.

Test Monitor Samsung S27A850D

I wanted to calibrate and profile the screen to determine what was possible with optimum settings and profiling. It is very smooth to operate and nice and easy to adjust thankfully. This type of leakage may prove an issue when watching movies where black borders are present unfortunately.

It is available within the ‘picture’ section as shown above. A wide gamut screen would need to be considered by those wanting to work outside of the sRGB s27q850d space of course. Newsletter Once or twice a week Subscribe. A summary of the screens ergonomic adjustments is shown below: